Service Overview

We can mobilise our qualified domestic energy assessors to undertake EPC‘s on residential properties across the UK:

  • In response to the EPBD: as of the 1st October, 2008 all domestic properties to let require a domestic EPC
  • An EPC tells you how energy efficient your property is on a scale of A-G. The EPC will make recommendations about how a property’s energy efficiency can be improved, in addition to a potential rating if the recommended work is carried out. The average property is rated D or E
  • An EPC is a mandatory element of the HIP, which is a legal requirement for the sale of all domestic properties
  • If you hold a valid EPC you will not be required to obtain a new certificate every time you re-let a property
  • Where improvements have been undertaken to a property, you may order a new EPC to reflect the new improved energy efficiency of the property
  • Domestic EPCs are valid for a 10 year period, except where a property is being sold and a HIP is required

Non-compliance with domestic EPC legislation will result in a fine of £200. This is in addition to the cost of a compliant domestic EPC. 

Energy Performance Certificates for Dwellings in the Social and Private Rented Sectors PDFDownload