Project info

  • Client: Amit Taha Architects
  • Completion Year: 2015
  • BREEAM Rating: Excellent
  • Location: Hackney, London

The Syntegra Group were appointed as Building services design consultants and Energy Consultants on a New-build mixed use development in London comprising of 6 apartments and 2 retail units.

Ada Street, located off Broadway Market accommodates six apartments above two retail units. The structure is asymmetrical in appearance with subtly battered walls and a gentle scattering of window openings that respond to the varied site context. The scheme’s strategy was to find a binding aesthetic with a reduced material palette. This project illustrates the extension of this logic through the use of fewer, yet standard products, to reduce the number of construction junction types, specialist trades, and associated costs. This approach suited the client who expressed an ambition for utility and unadorned domesticity.

The building is finished in an all-encompassing monolithic black render making up all external elements of the structure including parapets, sills, and window reveals. This reduction is followed through internally, where pre-cast concrete planks are left exposed and floors are polished concrete.

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