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A stock condition survey should be conducted every few years so that housing managers maintain an accurate account of the condition of their stock. The surveys are typically undertaken on large scale building stock and can include all building types; institutional, commercial as well as housing covering a range of sectors. Furthermore, the use of stock condition surveys as a tool for identifying the condition of the housing or building stock is an essential part of maintenance and strategy development.

Our expert and qualified team at The Syntegra Group offer specialist recommendations to our clients on how to set up stock condition surveys, approaches to sampling, alternative survey designs, different resource options, project management arrangements, different IT options, customer liaison processes and any information needed to meet private finance requirements.

Each aspect of the stock condition survey has to be carefully defined to meet the needs of the client for a particular purpose and at The Syntegra Group we ensure that each survey is tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.

Our stock condition survey team  provide a customized data collection process to fulfill our clients’ needs. We are experienced in carrying out surveys and do this by:

  • Clearly defining the purpose of the survey at the briefing stage with the client
  • Designing the stock condition survey to ensure pertinent data is collected, processed and presented
  • Reviewing and approving the design of the survey with the client
  • Organising and co-ordinating external specialists
  • Providing reliable and precise data collection

The primary purpose of the stock condition survey is as follows:

  • Assessing current and future repairs and maintenance liabilities of properties
  • Assessing existing condition and health and safety issues
  • Assessing properties against the Decent Homes Standard in the social housing sector
  • Identifying life cycle costs for the purpose of business planning and valuation
  • For the purpose of securing private finance