SME Energy Grant assistance

Syntegra Consulting are able to offer SME companies based in the South-East region of the UK energy auditing and  energy grant advice to help reduce operational energy costs and carbon footprint. The Government Grants available are offered to businesses on the basis of the loan of a wireless energy monitor for a two to ten […]

Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Consultancy

The CRC will affect organisations whose half-hourly metered electricity use exceeds 6,000MWh which currently translates to an electricity bill in excess of £500,000 per annum. Schools’ electricity consumption will be collated and reported by the Local Authority for all buildings in their area. April 2010 to September 2010 is the qualification period when organisations are […]

Syntegra extend services into PAT testing for domestic & commercial properties

Syntegra expand their services into PAT testing (Portable Appliance Testing). We can currently undertake PAT testing across London & the South-East via our Green Surveyor ® brand. Landlord Legal requirements Anyone who lets a residential accommodation as a business activity is required by law to ensure the equipment they supply as part of the tenancy […]

The Future of Heat Pumps in the domestic market

The Heat Pump Industry realise that their technology is at the brink of making a major contribution to domestic heating in the UK, this will add to their huge impact on commercial heating and cooling. Ground source, air source, heat recovery applications already exist in their thousands in the UK despite the lack of significant […]

The RICS house price index turns positive

The RICS house price net balance returned to the positive status for the first time in 2 years according to the latest RICS UK housing market survey. The national average property price value was subsequently boosted by the data mainly from the South of England. With the rise in unemployment new opportunities are been sought […]

AC assessment – Hutchinson House, Hester Road, London, SW11

Syntegra Consulting appointed Air Conditioning assessors by the International property firm Hutchinson Whampoa Property,  to undertake an Air Conditioning inspection of the Chiller plant and associated building services in accordance to the new EPBD legislation. The building is approximately 40,000 sqft in net floor area and based in London, SW11.

Energy Efficiency is high on the Agenda

It is obvious to see that energy efficiency is moving up the governments agenda, with the the Prime Minister urging Nations to ‘come together and reach agreements that make history’ ahead of the December Copenhagen summit. Pressure has increased worldwide to sharpen energy efficiency legislation and create new incentives. However, despite a frequently positive outlook […]

Distributed Energy (DE) – Low Zero Carbon energy shcemes

Distributed Energy (DE) is a fundamental part of the design of most low or zero carbon energy schemes. Typically, a developer will commission a scheme, usually with an energy services company (ESCO). The ESCO will build, finance and operate the scheme and assume financial and operational risk. The ESCO agrees to make the required energy […]

Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) projects are moving quickly

Following a recent meeting in London, the UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Milliband said: ‘Today some of the world’s biggest coal consuming nations have shown business as usual on coal won’t do. There;s agreement that we need countries around the world to finance demonstrations, as we are doing in the UK. We need […]

Carbon emissions reduce by 3% due to the recession !

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has stated that due to the financial and economic environment this has deferred energy investment, and carbon emissions could have fallen in 2009 by as much as 3% – this is steeper than at any point in the last 40 years. The IEA recently acted to move forward an early […]

Community Energy Savings Programme (CESP)

Over the past years the Government has made a well publicised effort through market mechanism to drive energy efficiency in existing domestic properties. Just as in the commercial sector, most of the existing domestic housing stock will be the same in 2050 as it is today (in terms of building fabric), so the 2016 new […]