Air quality monitoring assessment
Air quality monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring

The measurement of the amount of pollution in the air is critical to establishing its quality.  Acceptable levels (concentrations) are set for a wide variety of individual pollutants and over a wide range of averaging periods set to represent the amount of time sensitive people or sensitive ecosystems might be exposed to them.

These levels include Workplace Exposure Levels (WELs), Air Quality Standards (AQS), European Union (EU) Limit Values, and World Health organization (WHO) guidelines, which consider short-term exposure (between 15-mins to 1-day), and long-term exposure (up to 1-year).

Service Overview

Before conducting a monitoring exercise, our Air Quality Consultants develop and tailor project-specific strategies to ensure the best data is captured in the most cost-effective way.

Our monitoring strategies consider:

  • Passive Measurement
    • No power supply required
    • Inexpensive
    • Can be used over a wide area
    • Long-term monitoring
  • Continuous Measurement
    • Valuable real-time data
    • Multiple data-points suitable for trend analysis
  • Representation of pollutant source
  • Representation of sensitive receptor type

Our Monitoring Services

  • Baseline / Existing Pollutant Concentrations
    • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
  • Model Verification – comparison of predicted results vs actual measurements
  • Air Quality Standards Compliance
  • Pre-construction monitoring
    • Dust
    • Particulate Matter (PM10 / PM5)
  • Construction Activity / Emissions Monitoring
  • Odour Monitoring
    • Passive (Olfactometric Surveying)
    • Active Sampling
  • Industrial Stack Emissions Sampling
  • Pre and Post occupancy BREEAM / WELL / LEED etc.
    • Total Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
    • Formaldehyde
    • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
    • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
    • Particulate Matter (PM10 / PM5)


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