Demonstrate Climate Change Mitigation with an Energy Strategy Report

Our Energy Strategy Reports, also known as Energy Assessments, prove that climate change mitigation measures are integral to your scheme’s design and evolution, and right for the context of the development.

Local Authorities offer guidance for developers and their advisers on preparing energy assessments to go with strategic planning applications.

Each of these mandatory energy assessments must prove how the targets for regulated CO2 emission reduction will be met.

At the Syntegra Group, our energy strategy consultants work closely with you to satisfy the requirements of your development’s local authority, and show to planners that your project will meet planning policy energy and emissions criteria.

Areas Addressed In Our Energy Strategy Reports

The Syntegra Group’s energy strategy consultants focus on specific areas when assessing your development’s energy usage and preparing your energy strategy report. These include:

  • Your scheme’s energy demands
  • Energy saving measures
  • Energy distribution
  • Renewable energy generation
  • Local authority sustainability checklists
  • Sustainability pre-assessments
  • Building regulations Part L Compliance
  • Thermal bridging calculations

We also offer the following supplementary reports:

  • Overheating Analysis (TM52, TM59)
  • CHP Optimisation Study
  • Environmental Design Analysis
  • Planning committee representation
  • RHI & FIT grant application consultancy


Our expert team of planning specialists, sustainability consultants and Chartered Engineers are here to help.

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