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A LEED assessment and certification offer your building project independent, third-party verification that ensures your project meets the highest green building and performance measures. All projects certified under a LEED assessment receives a plaque to recognise that the development shows environmental responsibility and is a healthy place to live and work.

LEED certification also offers your development a range of both environmental and financial benefits.

LEED assesses buildings against 6 categories:

  • Sustainable Sites
  • Water Efficiency
  • Energy & Atmosphere
  • Materials & Resources
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Innovation in Design

Each issue covered by LEED certification has one or more ‘credits’ available when specific levels of performance or process are achieved. In addition, some pre-requisite credits are mandatory for all levels of LEED certification.

Characterised by two distinct phases, the Design Phase Review and the Construction Phase Review, LEED certificates are granted at end of construction.

LEED is a voluntary sustainability evaluation method and covers all types of buildings: Offices, retail, homes, residential high-rise, public buildings, commercial interiors, etc. Different customised adaptations of the scheme are available for various building types, as well as major renovations and minor refurbishments.

Planning for LEED certification early in the development process helps avoid potentially expensive additional service requests from design consultants and contractor change notices during project delivery.

Therefore we strongly recommend engaging a Syntegra Group LEED Accredited Design Professional in your green building project to ensure the effectiveness of design, construction and delivery.

Sustainability targets have been set by the Government for all types of construction projects. Our consulting team can help you meet these targets.


Our expert team of planning specialists, sustainability consultants and Chartered Engineers are here to help.

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