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If you are involved in a construction or demolition project in the UK worth £300,000 or more, you have a legal duty to complete a Site Waste Management Plan, often abbreviated to SWMP. If your project is worth £500,000 or more, the requirements become more detailed.

Additionally, where a development has a requirement to complete a Code for Sustainable Homes or BREEAM assessment it may be required to complete a SWMP to satisfy a credit requirement regardless of project worth.

A SWMP should be treated as an evolving document, with data being added and updated as the construction progresses. The SWMP should be developed before construction starts on site to establish waste management methodologies and policies to be used by the construction team throughout demolition (if applicable) and construction/refurbishment. Estimated weights (tons) should be allocated for waste types as well as predicted percentage of diversion from landfill. During the demolition and construction/refurbishment stages, the waste handling should be managed and data collected to report on the actual weights of waste produced (by type) as well as percentage diverted from landfill. This can then be compared against the estimated figures.

For more complex schemes Operational waste management plans may be required at planning stage.

How The Syntegra Group can help

Our Commercial Site Waste Management Consultancy ensures that the construction team is compliant with Waste Legislation and ISO9001 / ISO14001 requirements.

We also work closely with the contractor to ensure that the construction team are aware of their responsibilities. For example, including Site Waste Management Plan information in induction training or as part of environmental awareness training can help with this aim.

The main aims of a Site Waste Management Plan

  • Promoting reuse, recycling and recovery of waste to divert from landfill
  • Reduce fly-tipping by keeping a full audit trail of waste removed from sites
  • Ensuring compliance with waste duty of care regulations
  • Increase environmental awareness of your workforce and management
  • Allow contractors to monitor and review waste handling and management on a site by site basis
  • Satisfying CSH, BREEAM and CCS requirements as necessary


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