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All UK businesses are legally obliged to have a Legionella and Water Hygiene Risk Assessment in place and Syntegra is well-placed to undertake them for you.

Owners and operators of all commercial buildings including hotels, stadia, gyms, retail outlets, schools, colleges, healthcare facilities, social housing and facilities management sites have a statutory duty to control the risk of legionella bacteria in water systems.

The potentially lethal bacteria can lie unnoticed in water systems, particularly when they have not been used for a period of time and the risk must be controlled by ACoP L8 under the Health & Safety at Work Act, HSG 274, CoSHH Regulations & the management of health and safety at work.

Identifying and assessing the sources of risk, preparing a scheme to preventing or control the risk, appointing a person to be responsible, implementing and managing precautions and keeping records of the precautions implemented are all essential under the regulations.

Responsibility for implementing the assessment findings does not lie with the company but rather with the responsible person, which means any repercussions that arise from negligence are borne by the individual.

An independent Legionella Risk Assessment (LRA) gives a picture of state of a water system and risk posed by the bacteria.

A management plan can then be drawn up for proposed maintenance work and risk reduction.

In the event of an outbreak, a valid LRA is proof of adhering to regulations in relation to identifying and reducing risk.

A water system is most at risk of Legionella bacteria growth at 20-45 degrees Celsius – don’t take the option of believing it will never happen on your premises.

Comply with the law and let us assess your system. Here at Syntegra, we offer professional Legionella Risk Assessments and Water Hygiene Risk Assessments to help businesses meet their obligations under the regulations.

Our new ‘Building Services Health Check’  service is also proving particularly popular with businesses reopening after a sustained period of lockdown (more recently due to COVID-19) when their premises were either shuttered or used in very limited circumstances.

These circumstances would provide an ideal breeding ground for the harmful bacteria and we are happy to work with clients to discuss mandatory and recommended voluntary healthchecks on their buildings’ vital operating systems.

With the new focus on health and safety in the workplace to get Britain back to work safely, our experience could prove invaluable to the future of your business.

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