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Circular Economy Assessment

Increasing numbers of green building certifications and planning regulations are calling for circular economy indications to start changing the way resources are used in the construction industry.

With annual global resource consumption in excess of 100 billion tonnes, the construction industry is responsible for up to 40% of that total, and an equally high proportion of waste – with most materials  not currently reused or recycled and some even scrapped before they are used on sites around the world.

A circular economy involves using resources for as long as practically possible, gaining the maximum possible value from them then reusing or recycling materials at the end of its useful life.

In London, the Greater London Authority has now demanded all projects referred to it for planning permission must include a Circular Economy Statement with the applications.

Designers will be expected to consider a range of sustainable building methods and materials in their work to address issues such as energy efficiency, waste reduction and innovative materials use.

Our team can help you identify sustainable cost-effective solutions within your project and compile your Circular Economy Statements or other documentation required for certification purposes.

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The consulting division of Syntegra Group pride themselves on being a provider of sustainable construction services with knowledge and experience being gained over many years in the industry.


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