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For Planning applications where contamination may be a concern, a Phase 1 environmental site assessment to determine if the site is contaminated may be required. This may subsequently lead to the requirement of a Phase 2 assessment.

Planning applications for large or complex development proposals are often required by law to be supported by a formal Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

A plethora of planning legislation has been established over the years, making it clear that environmental impact assessment should be a thorough process and strongly evidence based.

The planning risks of legal challenges, financial risks, and the risks to the project programme all merit the appointment of a strong EIA expert.

Our Environmental Impact Assessors Can Help

The Syntegra Group’s Environmental Impact Assessment consultants offer an enviable level of Environmental Impact Assessment experience for your project, with a thorough understanding of the planning system and the procedural and technical aspects of environmental impact assessment.

Through our depth of knowledge and experience of delivering environmental impact assessment projects, our ability does not only lie with the technical aspects of the work, we will also advise on the cost of an EIA, project risks (both financial and programme risks) and procurement strategy.

Our involvement ranges from the early feasibility to post application stages, including Public Inquiry work, and the discharging of planning conditions with sensitivity towards cost and programme implications.

Our EIA consultants’ experience also includes renewable energy, transport and water resource projects, housing and mixed used developments, mineral extraction, Phase 1 land contamination and waste management.


Our expert team of planning specialists, sustainability consultants and Chartered Engineers are here to help.

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