Air quality assessment

Service Overview

Local authorities often require an air quality assessment as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for new developments.

This is to protect the local residents and environment from poor air quality.

We provide expert air quality assessment services to help our clients achieve successful planning applications and ensure we help them from start to finish.

Our Air Quality Consultants Provide The Following:

  • Air Quality assessment for planning
  • Dispersion modelling
  • Odour Assessment
  • BREEAM Compliant Indoor Air Quality Plan
  • Indoor Air Quality Plan monitoring
  • Workplace Indoor Air Quality Assessment
  • Dust assessments
  • D1 Stack Height Assessments
  • Emission Mitigation Strategies
  • Bioaersol Assessment
  • Environmental Permit Applications


Our expert team of planning specialists, sustainability consultants and Chartered Engineers are here to help.

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