AC energy assessment – YMCA, Derbyshire

Syntegra Consulting appointed to undertake the AC energy inspection assessment in accordance with the EPBD directive from the EU. The premises is 14 months old with 2No. external splits, 1No. Mr Slim and 4No. Lossnay Heat recovery units.

Surface water run-off consultancy – 4No. development sites, London

Syntegra Consulting appointed to undertake Hydrology reports for the SUR 1 & 2 categories of the code for sustainable homes assessment (including flood risk assessments) for 4No. development sites in East London and Essex. The combined Number of units of the sites are circa 100units.

Energy strategy report – 9 unit development, North Street, Barking, Essex, IG11 8JD

Syntegra Consulting appointed energy consultants for a 9No. unit development in Barking. The commission involves the following: 9No. SAP assessments, PEAs, Building regs part L compliance reports, an energy strategy report justifying the LZC strategy to achieve 10% of energy via renewables and outline M&E design consultancy for the provision of Air Source Heat Pump […]

Code for Sustainable Homes – Hazeldene, Deptford Lane, Greywell, Hampshire

Syntegra Consulting appointed energy consultants for a Code level 3 target development of 1No. single detached 5 bedroom dwelling in Hampshire. Specialist consultancy also to be undertaken by Syntegra Consulting include, SWMP consultancy, Home User guide production, SAP calculations, Building Regs Part L  compliance checks, EPC, day-lighting calculations, LZC feasibility report, Hydrology consultancy, Ecology consultancy.

AC Inspection – Bromley Court Hotel, Bromley, BR1 4JD

Syntegra Consulting appointed as energy assessors to conduct the Air Conditioning Inspection for Bromley Court Hotel, Bromley, BR1 4JD. The Bromley Court Hotel is located at the borders of South East London and Kent. It has 114 fully air-conditioned en-suite bedrooms, restaurant, conservatory, bars and leisure centre. Syntegra has undertaken a  site inspection of the […]

Air Conditioning Energy Inspection – 21 & 22 Ganton Street, London, W1F

Syntegra Consulting appointed to undertake the Air Conditioning Inspections (ACI) for the commercial properties at 21-22 Ganton St, London, W1F. Together with the site inspection Syntegra is providing a recommendations report with improvements on the energy efficiency of the Merk’s house air-conditioning systems. The recommended improvements aim to reduce the building’s electricity consumption, CO2 emissions […]

Bringing the UK housing stock up to standard

New leading sustainable construction methods including zero carbon housing and passivhaus are becoming ever more prevalent. – It is all to forget about the UK’s existing building stock, which is accountable for 27% of the UK’s total carbon emissions. The government has set ambitious targets for 2050 to reduce CO2 emissions by 80%. This is […]

The increasing specification of Structured Insulated Panels (SIPS) in the UK

Structured Insulated Panels (SIPS) have been widely adopted in USA and Europe, particularly its organisation in Netherlands where high performance panels have been the preferred method of thermal roofing construction for nearly 40 years. The UK SIP Association has been operational for just over a year. In this time it has acquired 54 independent […]

Extension energy assessment – 19 Petworth Street, Batersea, London, SW11

Syntegra Consulting appointed as energy consultants to carry out an energy assessment and building regs Part L compliance report for a Victoran semi-detached property. The contractor has stripped out the entire building including all insulation from the roof .  A new hot water and heating system is to be installed as well as replacement windows […]

PassivHaus design Vs Code for Sustainable Homes (Q&A)

The raft of energy and building legislation driving the construction industry is causing clients and designer a real headache. For example, what is the difference between PassivHaus design standards and Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) assessment design? – Typically a PassivHaus will acheive a code for sustainable homes rating of code lvel 3 or 4. […]

Low Zero Carbon design Consultants – Code level 6, Eco-house development in Wokingham, Berkshire

Syntegra Consulting appointed energy consultants for a proposed Code level 6 zero carbon development in Wokingham, consisting of 3No. 5Bedroom detached properties. Syntegra Consulting are working in unison with Scandia-Hus, who are an established Timber frame house designer in the UK (for more information please visit The appointment of Syntegra Consulting has commenced at […]

Building regulations change – Part L

As we now know it the new Part L building regs requires a 25% reduction in carbon emissions compared with the 2006 version. Obviously this will have a dramatic effect on walls and on cavity walls in particular. For example, Celotex states that you will need 165mm of mineral wool insulation which is a 65% […]

Building Regulations change – Part J

We have heard that some eager housebuilders have rushed to beat the Part J (Combustion appliances) deadline. It allowed them to save millions by registering their intention to start before October 1st. That way they gained an extra year before they have to start work under the old rules regardless of project programme length. It […]

Green construction design & supply chain solution

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), a public private partnership is driving the development of green technologies in the UK to meet its 2050 carbon reduction targets. It has started a 2 year project to identify ways in which refurbishment and retrofitting of existing residential properties can be accelerated by industrialising the processes of design, supply […]

Reviving the housing sector

Grant Shapps has announced in August  that action is required as housebuilding was at its lowest level since 1924! Furthermore, a New Homes Bonus scheme will be introduced early in the spending review period. – This is designed to reward local authorities who give consent and support for building new homes. Under the new homes […]