Project info

  • Client: OSL Enerj8
  • Completion Year: 2017
  • Location: Winsford, Cheshire

Our acousticians conducted a site assessment for a company specialising in the treatment and disposal of waste to energy which required a permit to operate from the Environment Agency.

OSL Enerj8 needed the formal permission for their Thermal Oxidation Plant (to dispose of waste).

Our team carried out noise measurements of the plant in operation during commissioning of the plant and also a background noise survey at a position representative of the nearest noise sensitive receptor. An assessment was carried out in line with British Standard BS 4142:2014 for the proposed operation of 10 units operating 24 hours a day, taking into account the construction of the building housing the plant and the position of the extract flues in relation to the nearest noise sensitive receptor.

An additional assessment was carried out for the proposed ancillary activities, which included the deliveries of waste and unloading.

The assessment concluded that the predicted noise levels would not be expected to cause any significant adverse impacts at the nearest noise sensitive receptor, and should therefore be acceptable in relation to the environment agency requirements.

It is recommended that a comprehensive acoustic design input is undertaken for the proper functioning of any building. Dwellings, commercial properties and schools require adequate sound insulation for internal walls and internal floors, as well as sound protection from other parts of the building and adjoining buildings. Furthermore, our approach aims to provide good acoustic conditions in buildings against disturbance by neighbourhood noise.

Our Acoustic Design Specialities

  • Specification of External Building Fabric (glazed and non-glazed)
  • Acoustic design review of Internal Building Fabric (e.g Acoustic cladding assessment)
  • Design of soundscapes for demanding environments
  • Room acoustics analysis for a wide range of specialised environments

Our Acoustic Design Consultants Provide

  • Extensive experience working with a host of acoustic materials
  • Expertise in the deployment of acoustic construction systems
  • Outstanding awareness of acoustic regulations in the built environment
  • Expertise in providing efficient and practical acoustic solutions


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