Project info

  • Client: The SISK Group
  • Completion Year: 2016
  • Site Area: 36 Hectares
  • Location: North Ayrshire, Scotland

Hunterston B is a nuclear power station located in North Ayrshire on the west coast of Scotland. It is capable of supplying electricity to approximately 1.7 million UK homes. Hunterston is owned and operated by EDF Energy.

The Syntegra Group’s air quality assessment team were tasked by our client, The SISK Group to provide Indoor Air Quality Testing in four buildings at the Hunterston site; FB south, FB North, PLC south and PLC North. During a series of on-site visits over a 12 week period, our team assessed the levels of Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide on-site, as well as assessing the temperature, humidity and levels of respirable and inhalable dust present.

Finally, our team measured the total levels of Volatile Organic Compounds present and compared these levels against established Workplace Exposure Limits. Armed with this data, our team produced a thorough Indoor Air Quality Report for our client.

Our team also advised our client on improvements which could be made to improve indoor air quality,in the areas tested and outlined the steps required to achieve this.

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