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The Syntegra Group’s Intelligent Building Consultants specialise in the integration of intelligent building and smart home systems such as IT & communications, controls, audio visual, security, HVAC, access control, lighting, renewable technology and AM&T software.

Our intelligent building team work in collaboration with you to develop bespoke Intelligent Building systems & Smart Home solutions that can operate within communications infrastructures based around proven IT technology.


As well as the enhancement of self-automated ‘cause and effect scenarios’ the benefits that  systems integration can enable are as follows:

  • Effective control capability for the built environment
  • Enhanced occupant productivity/recovery levels
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency Management/Metering
  • Increased energy-savings
  • Enhanced Building Services operation and FM procedures
  • Increased opportunity to pre-commission and test plant off-site
  • Reduction in the on site commissioning programme
  • Increased accessibility and design flexibility of the building systems monitoring and Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Minimisation of unplanned system downtime and increase in corporate resilience
  • Reduction in the level of supply chain management, procurement and associated cost
  • Increased Interoperability of sub-systems through the utilisation of Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
  • Increased ease of scalability
  • Provides a platform for an upper layer of ’IB applications’
  • Managed Communication of all data transfer across sub-systems and to assist audit trails for statutory compliance.