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Foul Water & Utilities Assessment

Our drainage and infrastructure teams will help guide you through the process to secure a successful planning application in relation to foul water and utilities.

All new buildings need separate connections to foul and storm water sewers and developers have to provide evidence of the measures they will put in place to connect to or amend the existing utility infrastructure systems.

If a proposal involves connecting a development to the existing drainage system, the developer has to submit details of that system on their application drawings and show how the building will connect efficiently to it.

Typically, surface water is not permitted to be connected to the public foul sewers.

Most new developments require connection to existing utility services, including electricity and gas supplies, telecommunications and the water supply, along with connection to foul and surface water drainage and disposal.

We will bring our expertise to bear in discussions during the preparation of a foul water and utilities assessment. This will be critical in any planning application to demonstrate the availability of utility services has been examined and that the proposals would not result in undue pressure on the delivery of those services to the wider community.

Other considerations include:

As such details are required on all applications where the proposal involves connection to or changes to the existing utility infrastructure systems, we recommend engaging our services early in the project preparations so that all necessary checks are made in a timely fashion and a comprehensive assessment can provide a strong basis for planning approval. 

Our advice will always feature recommendations for the most sustainable solution in the circumstances.

Our assessments will, among others, ensure compliance with the following policies:

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