Your water, your choice

Water Part G Compliance Report

It’s that time of year when you turn on any TV or radio news channel, one of the headlines is the cost of gas and electricity and how we should all switch suppliers. And apparently last month record numbers of us, ever keen to cut costs, did just that. Maybe it’s something in the title […]

Small Businesses Missing Out On Energy Savings

Although the prices of utilities are a concern for small business owners, studies have found that there is a lack of understanding and engagement from these business owners in association with energy purchase and consumption. 2.54 million (52%) of SME owners are unaware of what percentage of their overheads is used up on gas, electricity […]


Triad charges are related to National Grid’s transmission charges, they represent a great bonus for generating exported power at peak demand times. They consider three half hours between November and February each year and calculate the average demand on the national grid during these three periods. These have to be separated by a minimum of […]