Business As Usual For Building Services

The building services industry should assume that European regulations that currently affect the UK will still be in force immediately after Britain leaves the European Union (EU) in 2019, says CIBSE technical director Hywel Davies. ‘Leaving the EU will change nothing immediately – at least in terms of legislation that affects our industry,’ said Davies, […]

Heat networks must increase in order to meet UK’s carbon-reduction targets

To help meet the Uk’s carbon reduction targets, the number of homes connected to heat networks must increase 30-fold by 2050 according to a report on domestic heating for the Electricity Networks Association highlighted in MBS magazine.  There are currently only 1% of homes on the network and connecting more will reduce carbon emissions while […]

Low-carbon investment in infrastructure is needed to help the UK meet its C02 targets

Over the next few decades we will have to address an investment challenge towards its transition to a low carbon energy future. According to a recent report from the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), the government should set binding targets in the way towards the decarbonisation of the UK’s electricity sector in order to promote […]

Coalition governemnt set to reduce carbon emissions targets

A consultation held by the coalition government on changes to energy regulations is expected to reduce carbon emissions targets compared with the previous governments plans. The preceding government stated that carbon emissions would be cut by 25% in the 2013 version of part L compared with the 2010 version.  However in the latest sign of […]