Spotlight on indoor air quality to fight COVID spread

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus health and safety aspects of workplaces, not least the air quality when staff are in confined indoor spaces once again. With growing concern from scientists about the need for protection from virus-carrying aerosol droplets in the air in addition to respiratory droplets spread among people in close […]

AC systems maintenance key in COVID-19 crisis

It’s a message we keep hearing from the Government and medical advisors during the coronavirus crisis – ‘we’re following the science’. The problem we’re all learning, is the science, like the thinking and subsequent policies, is constantly being updated as more is learned seemingly by the hour about this lethal virus. And the advice can, […]

Are you ready for the HFC phase out?

Businesses appear to be dragging their feet over implementing changes to refrigerants ahead of next year’s cuts and regulatory amendments. A 37% cut in availability of ozone-depleting HFCs under F-gas regulations is being implemented in Europe in just two months time. But a recent survey showed that 40% of decision-makers in the retail sector were […]

Indoor Air Quality Plan – Requirements and Criteria

With poor indoor air quality now recognised as a major factor underlying occupant health issues and reduced productivity, it has become an important consideration for building design and management. Poor indoor air quality can be the result of external pollutants entering building interiors, use of pollutant emitting building and cleaning materials, damage or poor maintenance […]