Energy Consulting

Energy Consultants are professionals who have studied and worked in the field of energy and or engineering, they are experts capable of helping individuals and businesses reduce the cost of their energy needs by designing an energy saving strategy and helping the company to implement this program by switching to alternative low carbon technologies. By […]

Increasing the certainty for investments in renewable electricity

The UK government recently published an update regarding its “Final Investment Decision Enabling programme”, which has been designed to help developers of low carbon electricity projects to make final investment decisions before the electricity market changes in the second half of 2014. Through this programme, developers of renewable electricity projects will be in the position […]

Deliver Energy Savings in Social Houses

A few domestic energy schemes have been launched in Leicester, Wolverhampton and Dudley aiming at delivering energy savings to communities.  The schemes will help councils and housing authorities save energy and benefit from low carbon technologies.  Solar PV has been installed on a few hundred homes that can save their energy bills approximately £120 per […]