Net zero strategy unlawful, court rules

On the day the UK was subject to its first ever red alert for extreme heat, the Government was dealt an embarrassing blow as the High Court ruled its strategy for getting to Net Zero is inadequate and unlawful. The Climate Change Act requires Government to hit Net Zero by 2050, to make proposals as […]

Carbon Reduction Plans required for Government contract bids

Companies bidding for large Government contracts now have to prove how they are reducing their carbon footprint as part of the national drive towards Net Zero in 2050. From 30th September last year, contractors hoping to secure Government contracts worth more than £5million have had to provide a Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) explaining how they […]

LETI: How to build sustainably

Syntegra is delighted to support the London Energy Transformation  Initiative (LETI) – a network of more than 1,000 built environment professionals working together to develop the UK’s net zero whole life carbon future. Despite its roots in London, LETI provides guidance to teams working on new build projects across the country about how to build […]

New Building Regulations Part L 2022

New Part L Building Regulations come into force in June this year meaning residential buildings will be required to produce 30% fewer carbon emissions and non-residential buildings 27% fewer compared with current standards. Part L of the Building Regulations has been revised for the first time in a decade as part of the drive towards […]

Businesses are ‘key lever’ to delivering Paris Agreement – COP26 team

Net Zero

Businesses have been urged to ‘turbocharge collaboration’ on climate issues ahead of this month’s COP26 summit. The UK COP26 Unit’s deputy director for engagement, Nick Baker, has called on businesses to step-up their own commitments and forge closer links to help keep a 1.5C target within reach. Baker’s team works alongside High-Level Champion Nigel Topping […]

UK Government hopeful of an entirely renewable-based grid by 2035

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed his aim for a 100% clean energy electricity grid by 2035. Coal-fired electricity generation will end in 2024 and he hopes there will be an end to gas-powered generation 11 years later meaning renewables – mainly solar and wind power – will drive electricity production, along with controversial […]

World Green Buildings Council (WorldGBC)

The World Green Buildings Council (WorldGBC) is calling for businesses to account for the whole lifecycle impact of all new buildings and major renovations, not just address operational carbon reduction. The WorldGBC this month unveiled an update to its longstanding Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment, that aims to ignite a “reduction-first” approach to decarbonisation to […]

Deadline for proof of carbon footprint reduction

Net Zero

A deadline is fast approaching for companies bidding for large Government contracts to prove how they are reducing their carbon footprint as part of the national drive towards Net Zero in 2050. From 30th September, contractors hoping to secure Government contracts worth more than £5million will have to provide a Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) explaining […]

Call for new policies to tackle climate crisis

New policy measures are essential to tackle the climate crisis, scientists have warned ahead of this Autumn’s next round of talks, Cop26. With some changes to the environment now considered inevitable or irreversible, more should be done to tackle those issues still within human control, they said. The comprehensive assessment of climate science published last month, […]

Focus turns to embodied carbon emissions

The Syntegra team is committed to helping the construction industry fulfil its requirements of cutting emissions from embodied carbon – as well as operational carbon – in the drive towards net zero to tackle the climate crisis. Embodied carbon emissions have largely been overlooked historically but contribute around 11% of all global carbon emissions, according […]

Built environment accused of failing to account for projects’ lifecycle emissions


Less than 1% of global building projects currently calculate and report on lifecycle emissions, according to a new report which urges businesses in the built environment sector to measure the full extent of their carbon footprint in the bid to reach net-zero by 2050. A new report from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), supported […]

Government urged to prioritise public transport, walking and cycling to reduce emissions

More Government effort should be directed at encouraging the use of public transport, cycling and walking to reduce emissions rather than simply focusing on increased take-up of electric vehicles (EVs) to decarbonise transport, according to a new study. IPPR analysis of the Climate Change Committee’s Sixth Carbon Budget advice suggests that efforts to decarbonise road transport through […]

G7 agree on ‘historic steps’ to make climate reporting mandatory

G7 countries have agreed to make climate reporting mandatory for corporate entities in line with the recommendations of the global Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). G7 finance ministers made the decision to make it mandatory for corporates to report climate impacts and investment decisions, and also agreed on new measures to strengthen central company […]

Poverty harming UK’s chances of reaching net-zero

Unfortunately, the word ‘poverty’ is one with which we are all too familiar and conjures up images of people, often children, in far off lands struggling to survive in poor economic situations. Sadly, while the UK is considered an affluent country with a stable economy, we also suffer our own levels of relative poverty. And […]

Green investment at the heart of Budget 2021

The Chancellor has vowed to put green investment at the heart of the UK’s economic recovery from the Covid-19 crisis. In his Budget, Rishi Sunak unveiled the Net Zero Innovation Portfolio which will provide funding for low-carbon technologies and systems to decrease the costs of decarbonisation and help the UK reach its net-zero objectives. The […]

Report outlines broader UK green recovery

The UK Government has been urged to adopt a broader “green recovery” approach focusing on policies for biodiversity and the circular economy as well as energy and transport transformation. The calls to action have been made by MPs through the Environmental Audit Committee’s (EAC) report, ‘Growing Back Better: Putting Nature and Net-Zero at the Heart […]

Government unveils ‘radical’ energy efficiency standards for homes and office

All homes and business premises in the UK will be required to meet new energy efficiency standards that reduce energy consumption and lower bills by 2025, in line with the Government’s new Future Homes Standard. New homes will be required to have a reduced carbon footprint of 31%  compared to current levels, the Government revealed […]

UK’s net-zero target under threat through lack of green laws, new report warns as Johnson unveils new 10-point plan

A lack of legislative requirements on key sectors and infrastructure are putting the UK’s net-zero target at risk, a green thinktank has warned, highlighting an £11.4bn investment shortfall in reaching net-zero across transport, buildings, circular economy and natural infrastructure. The Green Alliance argues that a net-zero aligned approach to infrastructure would help the nation deliver […]

Renewables generation accelerating, report forecasts

As much as 65% of the UK’s energy demand could be met by renewable generation within a decade, according to the National Infrastructure Commission – a significant reassessment from its most recent forecast of 50% but a modest appraisal by industry insiders. In its latest report, ‘Renewables, recovery and Reaching Net Zero,’ said there is […]

Historic planning overhaul unveiled to get Britain back in business

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has unveiled what he describes as ‘the most radical reforms to our planning system since the Second World War’ and has pledged a ‘new approach’ to planning as new and greener building strategies were announced as part of his programme to bring Britain out of hibernation following the brunt of […]

UK’s first grid-injected hydrogen trials begin on university campus

A pilot project has been launched to inject zero-carbon hydrogen into an existing gas network. The HyDeploy project is injecting hydrogen into Keele University’s existing natural gas network, supplying 30 faculty buildings and 100 domestic properties and results in hydrogen accounting for up to 20% of the gas mix in the network. The team responsible […]

Call for planners to be better funded to deliver net zero carbon emissions

The chief executive of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) has called for greater resources to be given to local authority planners to enable them to deliver net zero carbon emissions  by 2050. Victoria Hills said the new Government now needs to address key issues to ensure town planners and the planning system are able […]