RHI consultancy – generating money out of renewable source heat generation

It’s often the case, isn’t it, that we’re encouraged to sign up to new systems and processes with the promise of saving money – yet we soon find ourselves too busy or not sure enough of the detail to actually proceed and the opportunity is missed. Here’s one of those schemes that really is an […]

Domestic RHI tariffs give boost to heating technologies

The tariff levels for the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, due to commence next spring have been set at 7.3p/kWh for air source heat pumps; 12.2p/kWh for biomass boilers; 18.8p/kWh for ground source heat pumps and at least 19.2p/kWh for solar thermal.  Householders will be able to invest in a wide range of technologies […]

DECC announces domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Levels

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have recently announced the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) tariff levels which have been set at; –          Solar thermal: 19.2 p/kWh (minimum) –          Ground source heat pumps: 18.8 p/kWh –          Biomass boilers: 12.2 p/kWh –          Air source heat pumps: 7.3 p/kWh The DECC said that the solar […]

Solar panels- are your fixing kits compliant?

Solar panel installations have risen dramatically since the introduction of the feed-in tariff incentive and even with the intended cuts to the tariffs by government there is still optimism in the industry about further growth especially with the launch of the Green Deal. However, increased installations have led to a rise in leaking roofs being […]

The Code for Sustainable Homes: PV or Solar Thermal?

The rising targets and requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes has led to somewhat conflicting information and views with regards to what is most practical and cost effective renewable energy solution techniques and methods. Since inception, Syntegra Consulting has actively approached influential and key decision makers within the building and construction industry with the […]

Renewable Heat Incentive is first in the World

The government has announced details of its Renewable Heat incentive, the first in the world, aimed at reducing carbon emissions from energy used to produce heat-about half the UK total. Phase 1 for the non residential buildings will be introduced in the autumn of 2012 to coincide with the advert of the Green Deal. Air […]

What is Solar energy?

Solar energy is the energy of sun light. The temperature of the Sun’s surface reaches to a value of approximately 5,762 K. The Earth’s perimeter of 40,000km results in an intersected sun power of 174,000 TW. Attenuation by the atmosphere results in a peak intensity at sea level of around 1 kW/m2, giving a 24 […]