Wind power growth set to halt after 2009 peak

According to the Worldwatch Institute, in 2009 wind power contributed 2% to global electricity consumption worldwide and global wind power capacity increased by 31%, the highest rate in the last 8 years despite the recession.  However this growth is unlikely to continue in 2010 and the US market is facing increased competition according to recent research.  It has been estimated that 6.3-7.1 GW of wind capacity will be installed in the US in 2010 – a 40-60% decrease from 2009, the first time since 2004 that US wind energy did not see an increase in the previous years growth figure likely due to the turbulent financial environment.  However the study found that providing the correct policy frameworks are in place, the US wind industry can add 165 GW of capacity, representing $330bn in investments by 2025.