Thermographic surveys: Syntegra Consulting Launches new Testing and Compliance service

Building envelope leaks, poor or inadequate insulation, moisture and substandard work are costly to commercial and residential building owners- a Thermographic survey can quickly help you identify where energy efficiency can be improved. Depending on our client’s requirements, surveys can range from an external overview of each elevation of the building under review, through to a full assessment of the building fabric carried out internally and externally.

Syntegra Consulting are able to carry out thermographic surveys throughout the UK and to provide detailed reports based on the captured images. Our qualified team have a wide range of extensive experience which enables us to apply building construction and engineering knowledge, to our heat and energy loss findings detected through use of our Thermal Imaging cameras. A Thermographic survey carried out by Syntegra Consulting will assist you in demonstrating compliance with Part L of building regulations and assist in achieving necessary credits in accordance with BREEAM 2011.