Four tips to improve the efficiency of compressed air system

Four top energy efficiency measures are proposed to optimize the efficiency of a compressed air system rather than purchasing a new compressor. These five recommendations are as follows:

First of all, it is important for business to measure how much compressed air used and how much it costs if it is used correctly. Additionally, assess the compressor, Air treatment and pipework delivery system to make sure they are in appropriate production process. The ISO 110011 standard on energy efficiency of compressed air will help users to assess their compressed air system and cut the energy consumption.

Second, an annual based leak detection survey is required and reducing the pressure by one bar will save consumption by 7%.

Third, use the heat generated by compressor to recovery water heating and local space heating.

Fourth, it is important to specify the correct air quality according to ISO8573 part 1. However, producing a very high quality of air for the entire system would not be economy. Hence, do not over specify the air quality.

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