Adding Thermal Mass During Refurbishment

The fluctuation of temperatures  within a building can be an issue as it involves the use of air-conditioning  or the heating system. In the 1960s, scientists started to develop and experiment PCMs (phase-change materials) which have for advantage to store and release the heat when needed. Thanks to it, a reduction of up to eight hours can be achieve and it could save between 50 to 70 % the energy consumption in a dwelling/building.

Various building products exist but the most convenient material when undertaking a refurbishment is the PCM ceiling tiles which is also more suitable in the UK. An assessment of the most suitable way to use the PCM combined with the different type of air-conditioning (displacement ventilation, overhead air and overhead air ducted return) was carried out. As a key result, the utilization of thermal mass is mostly efficient with the displacement ventilation due to the long lasting storage of the heat.