Syntegra Consulting support a remote hospital in Malawi with Solar PV

St Peter's hospital


‘Creating sustainable development to the world through intelligent and green building solutions’  –          Syntegra Consulting Vision statement

Syntegra Consulting have made a contribution to a fund that is helping St Peter’s Hospital become self-sufficient in its energy use.

In this isolated region, the current lack of electricity is resulting in unnecessary deaths and suffering. The operating theatre relies upon electricity to run many items of vital medical equipment (such as oxygen concentrators, suction machines and many others) and without electricity the theatre is failing to save lives. As part of our CSR and aligned with our vision statement we have donated to this foundation.

This project has objectives to install energy generators in order to overcome this problem. On Likoma, solar power is a source of energy with huge potential. Hence, solar panels could provide a constant source of electricity and allow the hospital to run a refrigerator, meaning that drugs such as anti-venom for snake bites can be stored. It will be possible for the hospital to begin to create a blood bank and the lighting that will be available in the hospital will improve the patient care given. Once installed, solar power is easy to maintain and is very cheap to use. When this project is finished, the St Peter’s Hospital will be able to save many lives and contribute hugely to improving healthcare for some of the poorest and most isolated people in the world.

Currently, the association has collected £5,979 and still needs £6,202. We hope our contribution can make a difference and make people aware of this charity.