Government scales back Part L ambitions with 6% carbon reduction

Part L revision is planned to be introduced next year in order to lessen the already-set ambitious carbon reductions for new buildings. Additionally, public consultation is currently taking place on how to achieve zero carbon homes.

Carbon reductions have been suggested to change to 6% for new homes and 9% for new non domestic buildings.

However, RIBA has been disappointed with these measures and points out that “Our collective attempts to achieve affordable zero carbon homes with low energy cost for consumers will suffer greatly because house builders haven’t been encouraged enough by government.”

Undoubtedly important is the development of building fabric and energy efficiency in buildings. Therefore, U-values, air-tightness and others need to be discussed more thoroughly, if the regulations’ revision is on its way.

The consultation on ‘Next steps to zero carbon homes: Allowable solutions’ ends on 15 October. To read the government’s proposal and make a submission visit