Syntegra Consulting demonstrate significant client savings(Carbon/Energy/Money) in 2013

How does a client know who to appoint when considering their design team or trusted advisors?

There is plentiful research to show that the human brain is not only inclined to be attracted to people who are like ourselves but who are trusted and credible in their own niche.

So why consider Syntegra Consulting?

  1. For our Developer/Contractor clients we understand first-hand the commercial drivers/issues of development projects and not just the technical. Because we ourselves are Developers and undertake a hand full of developments per year.
  2. We are a recognised fast growing and award-winning low carbon building design consultancy with strong core values towards customer satisfaction and emphasis on our clients commercial and legislative objectives.
  3. We have a post-project evaluation system in place that enables us to track your project against our set KPI recommendations. In 2013 we helped our clients achieve significant environmental savings and ROI:
  • In 2013, we saved our clients a total of 1,960 Tonnes of CO2 per year for their projects
  • In 2013, we saved our clients a total of 63,960,000 kWh/yr per year
  • In 2013, we saved our clients a total of £815,000 per year. Against the average 20 years lifetime of buildings services plant this is a total of £120,000 lifetime OPEX saving per project.

For more information as to how Syntegra Consulting can assist in saving your projects carbon emissions, energy consumption and money throughout the project life –Contact us today for a chat.