Due to the increase in commercial energy costs in the last decade, further measurements in order to provide a more efficient and lower costs energy management are necessary. In order to act a cost reduction a concerted effort to train employees in how to most efficiently manage energy in the workplace could be an efficient measurement. A company where 25, 50 or 75 per cent of staff have been trained in energy, carbon or water management is defined as a Low Energy Company (LEC). The training considers seven fields: air-conditioning, computing, heating, lighting, transport, waste and water. Three types of awards can be achieved based on the proportion of staff trained as well as the skill-sets they attain. The three awards are the following: Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. The training will be approved by the Carbon Management Association (CMA) with a regular basis staff training at the required level. This scheme is a great indicator of the level of environmental and financial sustainability of a company, reducing the demand for electricity and assist in preventing the UK changes in the energy costs.


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