Energy Efficiency in SME Office Buildings: practising what we preach!

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group organises over 200 events per year, which vary from focused networking events to specialised speaker events; covering subjects such as property, transport and international trade.


One of the sessions for Energy Forum was held on Thursday 17th July 2014 10:00 – 13:00 hrs. in SEGRO- slough. With the theme of Energy Efficiencies- Shared Experiences, the aim of Energy Forum is to gain widespread board-level attention; promote alternative energies and approaches that will mitigate the future increase cost to business.

During this event, which was chaired by Dr Pat Upton, the speakers focused on the impact on the bottom line and the situations in the ‘here and now’. They explained the consequences of their chosen approaches and most importantly the viability and how they went about making the changes.


By Alan King of Syntegra Consulting

During this case study, Alan King, the Director of Syntegra Consulting, described the modifications made to Syntegra House (the main office building) and work processes to reduce energy consumption and the planned future retrofit works. Also the effects on the business model over the next 5 years were described during this speech.

These modifications mainly encompass:

  • Upgrades to Boilers
  • Upgrades to Lighting
  • Providing Solar Shading
  • Voltage Optimization
  • Energy Monitoring

There are future plans to reduce energy consumption and consequently carbon footprint by further modifications.

The opportunities of reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint may vary in different business based on different factors including operations, structure and strategies. However, in Syntegra Consulting we believe there is always a way to reduce energy costs and to maximise business opportunities through demonstrating responsible behaviour.


For further information about the event visit Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group website.

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