Lidl, Dartford – Daylight and Sunlight Modelling

Syntegra Consulting Ltd have been appointed by Lidl UK GmbH as Daylight and Sunlight Modelling Consultants. As part of their planning submission to Dartford Council, Lidl are required to submit a Daylight/Sunlight assessment due to the proximity of the neighbouring properties to the proposed scheme, the new site also has to comply with Dartford Local Plan Policy B1.

‘Major applications, where there is a potential adverse impact upon the current levels of sunlight/daylight enjoyed by adjoining properties, including associated gardens or amenity space; applications where the application site itself is subject to potential adverse impact from adjoining buildings or features or where one part of the development is affected by another part of the same development’.

The site is currently an empty field following the demolition of the police station; the proposed scheme involves the construction of a new retail unit including 67 flats above.

CGI Image: Proposed Lidl, Dartford

The study has been undertaken by constructing a 3D IES model of the existing and proposed site as well as the surrounding buildings, in order to analyse the daylight, sunlight and overshadowing impact of the new development on the affected buildings. The assessment is undertaken in accordance with “BRE 209 Digest: Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight- A Guide to Good Practice”.

Site Plan of the Proposed Scheme and Surrounding Buildings
Site Plan of the Proposed Scheme and Surrounding Buildings

The report took into consideration the surrounding buildings at 36-62 Gordon Road and 89-97 Spring Vale, along with the amenity areas at 1-6 Archway Court. The proposed scheme met the BRE criteria in regards to Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing, therefore the scheme is considered acceptable.

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