Sub Metering – Reducing consumption, cost and carbon emissions

What is Sub Metering?

Sub metering allows for informed, accurate decisions in regards to lowering energy consumption, cost and carbon emissions – by locating precisely where, how and when energy is used on site. It is much more detailed than just metering the total energy consumption of a site – giving accurate information about energy usage in specific areas.

What else can sub metering do for my building?

Sub metering can analyse other applications, including:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Lighting
  • Specific industrial processes
  • Any other incorporation of area and application

Why Install Sub Metering?

By installing sub metering this can help to identify:

  • Specific areas of wasted energy,
  • Develop key performance indicators for energy management programmes,
  • Reduce energy costs through improved efficiency and
  • Improve production budgeting and reduction of CO2

It can inform you of all the data and information you may require to monitor energy usage and identify where changes can be made to meet targets and ultimately reduce energy bills.

The Syntegra Group offers a retained energy monitoring service to track your energy and carbon emission consumption. Our energy monitoring team coordinate all aspects of your energy management, from reduction of carbon dioxide emissions

For more information on sub metering and any other enquires you may have, contact Syntegra on 0845 009 1625.

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