School Air Quality Should be Valued

Poor indoor air quality can have a negative impact on children’s health and ability to learn. Department of Education figures show children were absent for 54.5million schooldays in England in 2014/15, mainly due to sicknesses such as colds and sore throats and schools paid out £1.26 billion to hire supply staff to cover staff sickness. Air purification systems are available and should be considered to counter the atmosphere which is a breeding ground for germs. (Local Authority Building and Maintenance Magazine)

How can Syntegra Help Improve your Air Quality?

The Syntegra Group offer a comprehensive range of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) assessment services, including the provision of BREEAM compliant Indoor Air Quality plans to conform to the Hea 02 Indoor Air Quality guidelines. We also offer LEED EQc3.1 IAQ compliant assessment and plans.

Many local authorities in the UK now require an air quality assessment as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for new developments, to protect residents and the environment from poor air quality