Syntegra Acoustics Division Strengthened

Syntegra have recently appointed David Yates to the position of Associate Acoustic Consultant in order to strengthen the acoustics division of the company.

David is based in the Reading and London offices and brings ten years’ experience to Syntegra’s in-house acoustic team. He has particular expertise in environmental noise, and has a wealth of experience of providing acoustic consultancy for contentious and larger planning applications.

He is also experienced in the design of acoustic, noise and vibration control within the residential, transportation, commercial and leisure sectors. Additionally, he is also very experienced in providing sound insulation design advice and in carrying out sound insulation testing.

David holds a BSc (Hons) degree from Salford University in Physics with Acoustics. Salford University, along with the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research at Southampton University, is considered one of the two foremost academic acoustic departments in the UK.

David has gained a vast amount of experience in carrying out noise measurements and writing reports to gain planning permission for residential projects large and small, mixed-use projects, industrial projects and leisure schemes. He is also particularly skilled in the application of BS 4142, which is the standard typically used to assess industrial and commercial noise, the acoustic design of houses including the specification of internal sound insulation standards, and the specification of road traffic and railway noise mitigation methods. He is also experienced in the measurement and analysis of vibration, which is particularly common from railways and industrial equipment, including ground-borne noise from underground railways.

David is a full Member of the Institute of Acoustics and has sat on the committee for the Southern Branch of the Institute of Acoustics for a number of years.

With this additional experience in Syntegra’s in-house team, we are now able to offer our full range of acoustic consultancy services nationwide. With the ever-growing importance of sustainable design, and how good acoustic design fits into that, Syntegra recognise the importance of having a strong acoustics division alongside our sustainability and M&E teams to allow them to work collaboratively together and alongside our other divisions. We look forward to the future of the acoustic consultancy division as we look to expand the team to provide an ever-better service for our customers.

The typical acoustic consultancy services we offer are:

  • Planning reports for residential and mixed-use development schemes;
  • Air handling-plant and activity noise surveys;
  • Acoustic design review for residential, commercial and office schemes;
  • The assessment of the noise and vibration standards for BREEAM;
  • Planning application reports and full acoustic design services for schools;
  • Noise and vibration at work risk assessments;
  • Ground-borne noise assessments; and
  • Acoustic testing services (including pre-completion sound insulation testing).


We recognise that each project has its own unique challenges, and that a bespoke service is often required to achieve the desired outcomes. Please get in contact with David or another member of the team about your own unique project and we will certainly be happy to assist. or call 0330 053 6774.