World Green Building Week

This week is World Green Building Week, celebrating sustainable buildings and encouraging developers around the world to create more net zero buildings.

Buildings currently contribute more than a third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions buthe World Green Building Council hopes to make all buildings net zero by 2050. There are currently only around 500 net zero office buildings and 2,000 homes in the world. The current international building stock is around 23 million square metres, projected to almost double within the same timeframe.

Events are being staged all this week to raise awareness of the green campaign , promoting sustainable energy sources, exploring water efficiency, minimising waste, promoting health and wellbeing in office design, considering ways to make urban areas more productive with agriculture in our cities, designing flexible and dynamic spaces and connecting communities and people.

If you’re interested in discussing ways to ‘green’ your building, get in touch and we can outline a range of options.