Sustainable construction services

Sustainable Construction Services

Low Carbon Materials

Syntegra prides itself on being a provider of sustainable construction services – in all senses of the word, from overseeing developments using low carbon raw materials to suggesting energy saving measures, supporting renewable sources and promoting biodiversity in projects.

And we successfully showcase to our growing client base how sustainable principles also make financial sense in both the short and longer-term.

Sustainable construction services cover the whole lifetime of a building which is why we encourage clients to work with us from as early as possible in their project to ensure we can advise on the optimum solutions at every stage.

Sustainable Construction Services

Minimum environmental impact

We help you achieve business success without compromising on environmental or community concerns by using resources – materials and staff – more efficiently.

Throughout the design phase to post-completion maintenance and ultimate demolition, sustainable principles are in play and with our expertise across all sectors of the construction industry, we can help you make the best decisions for your business, community and the environment.

Sustainability targets have been set by the Government for all types of construction projects and our team have expertise in applying appropriate measures to developments to help clients achieve them within budget.

Our experts understand the legislation and how it can impact all areas of the construction industry and built environment so we can help clients with compliant solutions relevant to their project as the industry focuses on cleaning up its act.

Beginning with analysing a site for issues of protecting or improving biodiversity, our teams will advise on measures that need to be in place in order to prepare a successful application for planning committees that are focusing increasingly on issues of sustainability.

Sourcing materials with minimum environmental impact – recycled, reused, local, energy-saving, low carbon, for example – can have cost benefits as well as providing corporate reputation-enhancing credentials.

By working closely with clients in the design and sourcing stages, we can advise on sustainable solutions which will limit waste and travel and speed up time on site.

Heating, lighting and general energy costs are significant in any development and we are skilled at recommending sustainable measures to reduce outgoings in this area.

For clients seeking to retrofit energy efficiency measures, we can advise on the most sustainable options.


Sustainable Construction Services Produce Significant Utility Savings

Water efficiency and indoor air quality to boost health and wellbeing are also key areas where we can advise those in the construction industry and building owners.

Increasingly issues of effective ventilation and drainage feature in sustainable construction services we are asked to provide and we have built up an impressive portfolio of case studies where we have identified cost-effective measures to help create design and efficiency improvements.

Working with us the earlier the better on your project will lead to maximum sustainability success so get in touch today for an initial discussion about your ideas and requirements.