Net zero strategy unlawful, court rules

On the day the UK was subject to its first ever red alert for extreme heat, the Government was dealt an embarrassing blow as the High Court ruled its strategy for getting to Net Zero is inadequate and unlawful. The Climate Change Act requires Government to hit Net Zero by 2050, to make proposals as […]

Paragraph 80 design

Government guidelines for building new homes in isolated rural settings have changed and developers must now plan for a building which is ‘truly outstanding, reflecting the highest standards in architecture…and significantly enhance its immediate setting, and be sensitive to the defining characteristics of the local area’ if it is to qualify as an exception. Paragraph […]

Carbon Reduction Plans required for Government contract bids

Companies bidding for large Government contracts now have to prove how they are reducing their carbon footprint as part of the national drive towards Net Zero in 2050. From 30th September last year, contractors hoping to secure Government contracts worth more than £5million have had to provide a Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) explaining how they […]

Overheating: Building Regulations Part O

New rules relating to heating and cooling buildings are set to come into force in June this year. Section O of the Building Regulations 2010 will be effective from June 15 to protect the health and welfare of a building’s occupants. It will cover the design and construction of buildings to achieve two key objectives […]

VAT relief on retrofit and renewables

VAT has been scrapped on energy saving products and home solar panels by the UK’s Chancellor in his Spring Statement aimed at easing the country’s cost of living crisis. The relief – down from its already discounted rate of 5% – will be in place for at least fie years, Rishi Sunak said. It covers […]

Overcoming CLT acoustics challenges

CLT acoustics While many advantages have been identified for the use of cross-laminated timber (CLT), an innovative and fire-resistant building frame material offering sustainable solutions to the construction industry – along with cost saving benefits – a number of challenges surrounding its use also exist. The primary concern relates to acoustics where CLT is used […]

Hotel interior designers urged to work closely with MEP professionals

Hotel interior designers working with MEP professionals No hotel can be designed in a vacuum – it is not enough for an interior designer to have innovative ideas about the look and feel of a venue without close collaboration with MEP professionals who can help bring their creations to life safely and efficiently. True, the […]

LETI: How to build sustainably

Syntegra is delighted to support the London Energy Transformation  Initiative (LETI) – a network of more than 1,000 built environment professionals working together to develop the UK’s net zero whole life carbon future. Despite its roots in London, LETI provides guidance to teams working on new build projects across the country about how to build […]

New Building Regulations Part L 2022

New Part L Building Regulations come into force in June this year meaning residential buildings will be required to produce 30% fewer carbon emissions and non-residential buildings 27% fewer compared with current standards. Part L of the Building Regulations has been revised for the first time in a decade as part of the drive towards […]

Support urged for hydrogen blending

The UK Government has been urged to increase policy support for hydrogen blending after it was revealed the country’s gas grid will be ready for distributors to begin using hydrogen and natural gas blends from 2023. The Energy Networks Association (ENA) says all five of Britain’s gas grid companies will be able to complete the […]

COP26 deal ‘overall positive’ – Syntegra

The Syntegra team has welcomed the new Glasgow Climate pact announced at the culmination of the recent UN COP26 summit an called on UK businesses to lead the way in reducing their carbon footprint by implementing sustainable solutions across the built environment. ‘The document signals further international commitment to tackle climate change which is overall […]

World Green Buildings Council (WorldGBC)

The World Green Buildings Council (WorldGBC) is calling for businesses to account for the whole lifecycle impact of all new buildings and major renovations, not just address operational carbon reduction. The WorldGBC this month unveiled an update to its longstanding Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment, that aims to ignite a “reduction-first” approach to decarbonisation to […]

Deadline for proof of carbon footprint reduction

Net Zero

A deadline is fast approaching for companies bidding for large Government contracts to prove how they are reducing their carbon footprint as part of the national drive towards Net Zero in 2050. From 30th September, contractors hoping to secure Government contracts worth more than £5million will have to provide a Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) explaining […]

Call for new policies to tackle climate crisis

New policy measures are essential to tackle the climate crisis, scientists have warned ahead of this Autumn’s next round of talks, Cop26. With some changes to the environment now considered inevitable or irreversible, more should be done to tackle those issues still within human control, they said. The comprehensive assessment of climate science published last month, […]

‘World’s densest’ network of air quality sensors to be installed in Camden

Camden Council in London has unveiled plans to install 250 advanced air quality sensors in a bid to improve public health and wellbeing. The local authority has partnered with air quality monitoring company AirLabs to install the ‘Airnode’ sensors, which provide real time data on air quality levels. Unlike existing sensors, the devices are capable […]

Focus turns to embodied carbon emissions

The Syntegra team is committed to helping the construction industry fulfil its requirements of cutting emissions from embodied carbon – as well as operational carbon – in the drive towards net zero to tackle the climate crisis. Embodied carbon emissions have largely been overlooked historically but contribute around 11% of all global carbon emissions, according […]

Spotlight on indoor air quality to fight COVID spread

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus health and safety aspects of workplaces, not least the air quality when staff are in confined indoor spaces once again. With growing concern from scientists about the need for protection from virus-carrying aerosol droplets in the air in addition to respiratory droplets spread among people in close […]

Sustainable Construction Services

Sustainable construction services

Low Carbon Materials Syntegra prides itself on being a provider of sustainable construction services – in all senses of the word, from overseeing developments using low carbon raw materials to suggesting energy saving measures, supporting renewable sources and promoting biodiversity in projects. And we successfully showcase to our growing client base how sustainable principles also […]

Building Project: The Rye shortlisted for award

project’s M&E design work, energy and sustainability analysis

Project Info Client: Tikari Works Completion Year: 2020 Project’s M&E design work, energy and sustainability analysis Location: Peckham Rye An iconic sustainable apartment block where we provided a range of key services has been shortlisted for a prestigious architecture industry award. The Rye Apartments in Peckham Rye were nominated for the Royal Institute of British […]

Built environment accused of failing to account for projects’ lifecycle emissions


Less than 1% of global building projects currently calculate and report on lifecycle emissions, according to a new report which urges businesses in the built environment sector to measure the full extent of their carbon footprint in the bid to reach net-zero by 2050. A new report from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), supported […]

Government urged to prioritise public transport, walking and cycling to reduce emissions

More Government effort should be directed at encouraging the use of public transport, cycling and walking to reduce emissions rather than simply focusing on increased take-up of electric vehicles (EVs) to decarbonise transport, according to a new study. IPPR analysis of the Climate Change Committee’s Sixth Carbon Budget advice suggests that efforts to decarbonise road transport through […]

G7 agree on ‘historic steps’ to make climate reporting mandatory

G7 countries have agreed to make climate reporting mandatory for corporate entities in line with the recommendations of the global Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). G7 finance ministers made the decision to make it mandatory for corporates to report climate impacts and investment decisions, and also agreed on new measures to strengthen central company […]

National Clean Air Day June 17

The difference clean air can make to children’s lives will be the focus  of this year’s National Clean Air Day on June 17th after research revealed reducing air pollution levels could improve children’s learning. A report by the Global Action Plan, the Philips Foundation and University of Manchester indicated that reducing levels of air pollution […]