Service Overview

Although the renewal of your electricity, gas and water supply contracts is of critical importance in setting your utility budget forecast, your focus should not be solely concentrated on the procurement strategies for these contracts.

Businesses often overlook the fact that your utilities invoices are based upon a regulated tariff structure.

It is therefore imperative that a regular review is undertaken of your electricity, gas and water supply invoices to ensure that you are being invoiced correctly and you are on the most cost effective tariff structure to suit your usage profile and business operations.

The Syntegra Group’s Energy Utilities division strive to ensure you are on the most suitable tariff structure through our ‘No Win – No Fee‘ Utilities Bill Validation service.

Through the provision of your most recent 12 months electricity and gas supply invoices we will undertake a full tariff analysis to ascertain if your current expenditure levels, contractual term and rates, tariff charging structure are appropriate to your current and future business operations.

Based upon your invoices we will build a site’s annual usage profile and gain an understanding of your future business plans.

We will utilise your invoices to ensure that the existing utilities supply contract rates have been applied to your invoices correctly.

Based upon your future business plans and current usage profile, we will review your current rates and tariff structure to ascertain if they are the most appropriate for your business moving forward.

With your approval we will undertake the correspondence with your energy supplier to implement the changes.

Electricity and Gas Analysis Review

An Electricity and Gas Analysis review from The Syntegra Group allows your business to secure cost savings based upon your business activities and usage profile.

Unlike many other brokers our concentration is not purely focused on the price movements in the energy market and securing you a new energy supply contract.

Often savings identified through a tariff analysis review will have a typical long lasting financial benefit which is not restricted to the length of your supply contract.

Water Bill Analysis Review

Water/Sewerage bills are often forgotten as they are complex, contain a number of unexpected charges and you are unable to change suppliers.

With our water bill validation service you can be confident that you will be getting the best value from your water supplier. We will check your water consumption to ensure that you are being charged the correct amount.


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