We can mobilise our qualified risk assessors to undertake fire risk assessments on any type of residential or commercial building across the UK.

On the October 1st 2006, The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (FSO) came into force. As an employer, or as someone who has control of a workplace you must take steps to ensure that you have what is known as a ‘suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment’ in place.

The Fire Risk Assessment is split into four parts:

  • File of Evidence Audit – The building, its uses, activities and fire safety measures
  • Fire Safety Management Audit – How the responsible persons manage fire safety
  • Fire Safety Training Audit – What fire safety training or instruction is received by users of the building
  • Report and Action Plan – Document detailing any significant findings; classified according to the level of risk, who is responsible and the degree of urgency with which each risk should be addressed.

The FSO excludes domestic premises occupied by a single family group.

The assessment must be constantly reviewed and adjusted if necessary to meet any changing circumstances.

Non compliance with the FSO may invalidate your building insurance. The Fire and Rescue Authority are the enforcing authority for the FSO. The fire safety officer will expect to see a copy of your Fire Risk Assessment upon audit. Failure to comply with any requirement of the FSO could result in an enforcement notice being served, personal prosecution of the responsible person or even imprisonment.