ESCO– An Energy Saving Performance Contract without the need for CAPITAL investment

At The Syntegra Group we strongly believe in taking a ‘whole project’ approach to energy efficiency. Our innovative ESCO model is based on an Energy Performance Contract, which examines current energy usage and all aspects of a building’s performance, before calculating the financial savings that could be made through the implementation of a range of key energy efficiency measures.

The solutions and measures available cover all aspects of a building’s performance, including Solar PV, LED lighting, energy monitoring, solar shading, heat pumps, sub-metering, voltage optimisation, controls, Biomass boilers etc.

Providing energy upgrades under a guaranteed ESCO savings contract, we are able to implement all upgrade retrofits without any financial cost to yourself, helping to lower your energy consumption and CO2 emissions, reduce your operating and maintenance costs and help you meet carbon reduction compliance. Savings are guaranteed with unique AAA insurance backing and without risk and cost. For a client, the process requires no capital investment.

The Syntegra Group provides all upfront capital to fund, and simply recoups any investment made over an agreed payback period, through the energy savings generated.

An EPC encompasses five key stages:

Stage 1: Building Energy Health Check
Look at the building and identify the major areas of energy consumption. Check the condition and operation of equipment and monitor the power consumption to obtain a base figure against which energy efficiency improvements can be measured.

Stage 2: Building Energy Health Check – Feasibility study
Building calculations and simulations are then made to assess the feasibility of the project, including the supply chain and Carbon/Energy and financial savings. ROI periods are also calculated. Draw up an action plan detailing a schedule of improvements that need to be made and when, along with who will be responsible for them. Where funding is limited, focus on energy intensive areas or those that are performing badly first.

Stage 3: Finance package
Our specialised finance team will then put together the agreed package including a thorough risk assessment.

Stage 4: Energy Efficiency Installation
Your assigned account manager will then co-ordinate the installation of the agreed energy efficiency measures.

Stage 5: On-going monitoring
An ongoing monitoring and reporting package is then provided. The implementation of your energy saving actions are then measured against original consumption figures. This will assist future management decisions regarding your energy priorities.  e.g Enforce policies, systems and procedures to ensure your business operates efficiently and that savings are maintained in the future.


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