Building Services Health Check

New service launched: Building Services Health Check – Get Britain Back to Work

With the understandable focus on health and hygiene as the UK gingerly steps out of lockdown and gets back to work, we are delighted to offer customers a new ‘Building Services Health Check’ service.


This new service is mainly focusing on indoor air quality and the enhancement of workplace environment conditions – to ensure, where possible, there are no virus breeding grounds. Naturally, with many people wary about the big return to work and large numbers of organisations having mothballed their sites to a greater or lesser extent since the Prime Minister banned all but essential workplace activity in March, we have been inundated with calls from clients requesting health checks on their premises. 


Building Services systems can often host viruses if insufficiently maintained or its design or installation is not fit for purpose (e.g insufficient air volume rates aligned with occupancy/functionality of the space), which can accelerate circulation among a building’s occupants and while COVID-19 is transmitted via direct person-to-person contact rather than simply in the air, the pandemic has prompted business owners to be ultra-cautious about any potential health and safety concerns to encourage the workforce back to their work environment.


‘The immediate priority is to make sure as a business owner that it is Safe, Compliant & Optimised,’ said Syntegra MD Alan King. ‘But now is also a good opportunity to make sure the building services plant and systems are checked to ensure compliancy with other regulations too.

‘For example, lighting, noise assessments, indoor air quality should all be optimised so buildings are in the best condition for all staff to feel safe and protected.’ Alan advised businesses cautious about large outlays of money at this precarious time that such health checks are recommended as some systems could have malfunctioned or over-run their periodic review schedule during the past two months.  ‘Some issues could be easily rectifiable without huge expense,’ he indicated.


A full ‘Building Services Health Check’ survey on a typical office building is estimated to take 1 to 3 days and all on-site checks will be conducted in a socially distanced manner by Syntegra staff wearing PPE. A ‘Building Energy Health Check’ audit can also be conducted alongside as part of an overall building review.


 For further details or an informal discussion about your organisation’s situation or requirements, please contact Syntegra and we will provide an honest opinion about the most appropriate route forward.

Building Services Health Check