Service overview

At The Syntegra Group, our Energy Utilities team deliver a range of services which are not limited to the procurement and analysis of energy contracts. One is our ‘No Win – No Fee’ water bill validation service.

Water/Sewerage bills are often forgotten as they are complex, contain a number of unexpected charges and you are unable to change suppliers. With our water bill validation service you can be confident that you will be getting the best value from your water supplier. We will check your water consumption to ensure that you are being charged the correct amount.

This service entails a detailed analysis of your water and sewerage bills (minimum 6 months to 12 months required) which includes:

  • Analysis of water supply charges and related tariffs
  • Identification of billing anomalies such as errors, omissions, over-estimation and incorrectly applied tariff charges
  • Identification of excessive consumption and potential leakage across shared supplies
  • Validation of estimated and actual meter reads and fixed meter charges
  • Analysis of drainage charges and trade-effluent charges
  • If required, at additional cost, laboratory analysis of trade-effluent discharges and validation of all elements of the Mogden Formulae
  • Validation of Surface Water Drainage charges including site area measurements, Rateable Value confirmation, assessment of permeable areas and connectivity surveys
  • Recovery of overcharges and leakage allowances

In addition to our water bill validation service we can also offer our water audit service which delivers a comprehensive review of all water consumption in your property portfolio with the core objectives of reducing consumption, eliminating wastage, improving your operational behaviours and ultimately reducing costs.

Key features of this service incorporate:

  • Detailed site survey of all water using devices and infrastructure, from taps to complex production machinery
  • Full analysis of drainage and trade-effluent discharges using flow loggers
  • Assessment of opportunities for recycling, rainwater harvesting and drainage/treatment projects
  • Awareness campaigns to improve consumer behaviour and increase understanding of your environmental targets
  • Detailed reports submitted on completion of the audit summarising recommendations for asset modification and operational changes to achieve consumption reductions. The report includes detailed cost/benefit analysis and payback calculations to support investment decisions
  • Targeting of sites based on consumption/cost data
  • Pre-audits and post audit consumption tracked, providing clear evidence of consumption and cost reductions

We understand the financial pressures facing our customers in terms of balancing costs against their objective to minimise environmental impact. Our water audit service has been proven to deliver between 20 – 50% reductions in water consumption and in the majority of cases is entirely self-funding with payback periods often within one year.

If you are interested in our comprehensive water audit service, following the provision of your historical invoice data, we will provide you with a formal quotation outlining the associated costs for carrying out the audit.