AC systems maintenance key in COVID-19 crisis

It’s a message we keep hearing from the Government and medical advisors during the coronavirus crisis – ‘we’re following the science’. The problem we’re all learning, is the science, like the thinking and subsequent policies, is constantly being updated as more is learned seemingly by the hour about this lethal virus. And the advice can, […]

Poor air quality still more of a threat to life than coronavirus

My head was turned by a headline I spotted last week during my routine media scans proclaiming that poor air quality is a greater risk to human health than the coronavirus. My research background and day job tell me that’s nothing new – I’ve long known air pollution is a mass killer the word over. […]

New service launched: Building Services Health Check – Get Britain Back to Work

Building Services Health Check

With the understandable focus on health and hygiene as the UK gingerly steps out of lockdown and gets back to work, we are delighted to offer customers a new ‘Building Services Health Check’ service.   This new service is mainly focusing on indoor air quality and the enhancement of workplace environment conditions – to ensure, […]

How Covid has impacted the planning process

Local authorities have been urged by the Government to be ‘innovative’ in how they manage applications and workloads during the current Coronavirus crisis lockdown period. Chief Steve Quartermain, outgoing Chief Planner at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, called on councils to ‘be practical, be pragmatic and let’s plan for the recovery’. Acknowledging […]

Syntegra Group Q2 2020 – predictions and insights

When lockdown is lifted and new normality dawns – whatever that looks like – Syntegra stands ready to support clients through a broad range of potential scenarios with its innovative ways of working and extensive expertise across sustainable service provision. Of course, our teams remain fully committed to carrying out our services, albeit in revised […]

Focus on UV filtration systems to kill coronavirus

While healthcare professionals, scientists and engineers battle to keep COVID-19 patients alive and find a cure/vaccine to keep the deadly virus at bay in the future, there might just be one avenue worth exploring for hospital or hotel infrastructure: UV filtration systems. Commonly used to disinfect hospital airstreams from the 1940s to the 1960s,  such […]