Energy Audit – Local Space Ltd, 58 Romford Road, London, E15

Syntegra Consulting has successfully undertaken a full energy audit of the head offices of Local Space housing association in East London. The energy audit involved a site survey where the existing HVAC systems, building fabric, small power and IT were surveyed. The aim of the site survey was to document the building’s energy performance and identify the areas where further energy savings could be achieved. Once, the site survey was completed Syntegra produced the energy audit report, which included the site survey findings and the various recommendations to improve the building’s energy performance.

The recommendations included improvements in existing HVAC and air conditioning systems control strategy, improvement of the glazing U-values, incorporation of Low Zero Carbon technologies(LZC) such as air source heat pump technology and PV(photovoltaic, solar panels) technology and retrofitting the existing lighting with LED lighting. In order to quantify the energy savings based on Syntegra’s recommendations, a building energy performance model was produced. The building energy performance model showed a total saving of 25.3% in energy consumption and 27.4% in C02 emissions with Syntegra’s energy saving recommendations. The 25.3% energy savings achieved equate to £2,500 annual savings of the building’s energy utility bills.

Also, Syntegra managed to identify and recommend the energy efficiency related legislation that the building had to comply with. In this case an Air Conditioning Inspection (ACI) was required in order for the building to comply with article 9 of the Energy Performance Building Directive in England and Wales (EPBD), since the air conditioning systems installed were above 12kW capacity.

Another important aspect of the energy audit was to review the existing utility contracts and negotiate and procure a new utilities deal providing substantial savings on electrical costs.

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