Renewables march forward

Renewable energy within the UK is progressing well. From July 2011 to July 2012, the figures show:

  • an increase of 27% of the electricity generated from renewable energy
  • an increase of 40% of the capacity of renewable electricity
  • an increase of 60% of offshore wind power
  • an increase of five times of the PV capacity

The Renewable Energy Roadmap shows that the UK is on its way to reach the 15% of generation for the electricity, transport and heat from renewable by 2020. It also indicates that wind power will be playing a major role. Indeed, 45 % of the electricity comes from wind as of end of 2012. According to RenewableUK’s spokesman Deputy Chief Executive Maf Smith renewable sources will overtake the nuclear power by 2016. Renewable sources will help the country to assure a substitute for fossil fuels.