2 Broad St, Teddington, TW1 8RF – Sunlight and Daylight 3D Modelling, Energy Strategy Reports (inc. SAP calculations and Sustainability Report)

Syntegra Consulting Ltd have been appointed as energy consultants and daylight modelling consultants for the proposed scheme in Teddington (2 Broad Street, TW11 8RF). The new scheme involves the conversion and extension of an existing dwelling to 8 high quality residential units and the redevelopment of the dilapidated workshop area.

The Energy Strategy Report was produced to demonstrate compliance with national, regional and local planning policies and the Building Regulations L1B compliance, BREEAM domestic refurbishment compliance. In addition, it was produced to demonstrate consideration towards building fabric enhancements and renewable technology.

Syntegra Consulting Ltd provided reports on the following:

  • Assessment of the estimated energy demand & CO2 emissions
  • The proposed building fabric and Low Zero Carbon (LZC) design strategy and analysis calculations
  • BREEAM domestic refurbishment re-assessment report
  • Target of at least 20% reduction of the development’s emissions


The study has been undertaken by constructing a 3D IES model of the existing and proposed site and surrounding buildings in order to analyse the daylight, sunlight and overshadowing impact of the new development on the affected buildings.

The report assesses the daylight, sunlight and overshadowing effect of the proposed development on the surrounding buildings and specifically focuses on the windows of the building located on Broad Street and Queens Road. The assessment is undertaken in accordance with “BRE 209 Digest: Site Layout Planning For Daylight and Sunlight – A Guide to Good Practice”.