Unlocking the Green Deal for Social Housing

As the contractor awarded with an unprecedented eight year contract with Britain’s biggest social housing landlord, Carillion has made every effort to ensure that Green Deal, as well as ECO, become a reality for the thousands of hard pressed tenants. Deservedly it can now have confidence in delivering improvements on the ground in significant numbers across a city where they are arguably needed more badly than anywhere else.

In Birmingham, it has been observed that there is a great interest from tenants for the Green Deal scheme. However, there are many barriers placed from the legislation for the implementation of this scheme. Therefore, once difficulty is overcome, contractors will be able to deliver Green Deal as it should be.

There are also other government’s pilot programmes with the same goal: energy efficiency in developments. Those are ‘Go Early’ and ECO. For example, under the ‘Go Early’ pilot, there were installations of external insulation on 83 domestic properties, while seven tower blocks were overclad and given communal heating systems.

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