Indoor Air Quality Plan – Plot C Farnborough Business Park

Syntegra Consulting has been appointed as indoor air quality consultants for Plot C, Farnborough Business Park. With poor indoor air quality now recognised as a major factor underlying occupant health issues and reduced productivity, it has become an important consideration for building design and management.

In accordance with BREEAM’s stringent indoor air quality assessment criteria, we have conducted a thorough investigation into potential sources of pollution in order to produce an indoor air quality plan that will ensure both a healthy internal environment for building occupants and achievement of applicable BREEAM credits.

Our indoor air quality plans provide measures and strategies for the following topics:

  • The specification of materials with low pollutant content and emissions 
  • Minimum design criteria that provide fresh air and prevent the ingress of external pollutants 
  • CO2 sensors to ensure a balanced indoor air composition 
  • Apreoccupancy building flush out to rid spaces of internal pollutants 
  • Limits and air quality tests for specific indoor pollutants 
  • Measures to remove, control and dilute pollutant sources 
  • Design and strategies to ensure that buildings can be completely naturally ventilated 

Furthermore, our comprehensive indoor air quality plans not only ensure compliance with UK legislation and BREEAM, but aim to surpass these standards and provide contingency plans for a range of common indoor air quality issues. Ultimately, Syntegra Consulting’s indoor air quality plans aim to guarantee the highest standard for a healthy and productive atmosphere.